Tuesday 9 January 2018

Where to Stay In Manali - Parbhat Travels

If you are travelling to Manali with your partner, Friends or family, the most important thing is where you are staying? Because if you are out of your town with our Manali tour package, so your safety and security is our priority. There are lots of places for you where you feel very comfortable and we arrange all these places according to you. 

Mall Road: Mall road is very famous for shopping purpose. If you wanting to stay in a market covered area, so this road is perfect for you. At night the whole market is looks beautiful and charming. 

Old Manali: Old manali is situated near a village. The people of this village are always ready to help you and sometimes they also provide you food and other material for your staying. There is a natural view all over the village which you never want to miss.
These are the most of two places stay in Manali. And you can also take our help in deciding those.

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