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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Manali City Guide - A Holiday in The Beautiful Hill Station

Nestled between those snowy mountains and thick forests, Manali is a true paradise for the travelers. Offering enthralling views of the mountains from an altitude of 1950 meters, Manali is a popular tourist destination. Manali has been named after an ancient sage Manu who rested at this place after a flood. Manali is a treat for travelers coming from the heat of the plains during the summer months. Here is a list of some popular Tourist Attractions In Manali : -

Hidimba Devi Temple: Dedicated to goddess Hidimba, Hidimba devi temple is the chief attraction of Manali. The temple is located in the middle of a forest called the Dhungiri Van Vihar. It is known for the beautiful figures and symbols which are carved on its doorway. 

Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa: Dominating the Tibetan area of Manali, this Gompa was built in the late 1960s. It is covered with a mid size Buddhist statue which also carries the list of martyrs who were killed in the war during 1987 to 1989. 

Manu Temple: It is located 3 kms from the main bazar of Manali and is believed to be the only temple of Manu in India who was the creator of human race on earth.

Vashishtha Temple: Vashishtha is a small village located near Rohtang pass and is worth a visit. It is known for its hot springs and temples. It is a temple dedicated to Vashishtha Muni and Lord Rama. 

Solang Valley: Located 13 kns from Manali, Solang Valley lies between the Solang Village and Beas Kund. It offers a great view of snow capped mountains and peaks. Every year a winter skiing festival is organized here. 

Club House: It is located just 2 kms from the main town. This place offers a number of indoor game facilities. There are also some picnic spots near to the place. 

Rohtang Pass: 51 kms from Manali on highway to Leh, Rohtang pass offers a spectacular mountain view to the travelers. The pass is open for the travelers from June to October. Travelers can enjoy the beautiful sight of the peaks and the Chandra River which flows down the Lahaul valley. 

The best time to visit Manali is from September to June. Having great connectivity through rail, road and air, it is easy to travel to this beautiful destination. Now that you have an overview of this exquisite location, you simply need to pack up your bags and avail Manali Tour Package Services. To experience the delights of Manali in the best manner, it is always better to hire an expert Manali Travel Guide. 

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Friday, 26 July 2019

Budget and Luxury Hotels in Bangkok - Book Your Hotel Room with Ease

Thailand and Bangkok are fast becoming the best travel places for travelers from all over the world. With a culture unlike anywhere in the world, travelers love coming here to experience what the Thai people have to offer; not to mention the beautiful landscape, food and beaches.

Bangkok Hotels are cheap but also luxurious, so you get a lot of value for your money. Thailand hotels allow you to stay in a 4 or 5 star resort for the price that you would normally pay for a 2 or 3 star in many western countries. $100USD a night will get you a hotel with great rooms, great service and amenities that you would expect in a 5 star hotel that only the rich and famous could afford.
Bangkok is the main area of Thailand where International flights come into but Phuket is also becoming another main place for people from other countries to fly into. From the Phuket or Bangkok Airports you can then fly to all of the main areas of Thailand or there are buses, ferries and trains to take you there by land.
We have over 7500 hotels throughout Thailand, so finding a hotel that is right for you is as easy as a few clicks of your computer. We have accommodation in all the main travel destinations such as Bangkok , Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Koh Samui , Krabi, Phi Phi, Pattaya and Phuket. (Just to name the main ones). We also have accommodation in smaller areas of Thailand, so even if you venture away from the main tourist areas, you can rest assured that you find a great discounted hotel that you can book that is of high standards for the price.

Since Bangkok is a large area, you will find a hotel or resort that positions you amongst all the action. There are many things to do in Bangkok that suits everyone's budgets and age. Such things such as the temples, shopping and food brings people here to spend a few weeks, allowing them to get familiar with the Thai culture. Of course many people return for another holiday but there is always something that you can do that you haven't done before.
With all the markets and malls around Bangkok, anyone can continue to shop in huge markets where everything is at your fingertips and it is cheaper than anywhere else you have shopped before. Just make sure you have room in your suitcase to bring all of the things home with you.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Discover the Hidden Secrets of Kerala on Kerala Honeymoon

Wedged between the gorgeous Arabian Sea and the mighty Western Ghats Kerala is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. This beautiful destination is located in the southern tip of India and is an ideal destination for the honeymooners and other vacationers from all over the globe. This astounding state is truly the most beautiful destination and truly the visitor floods in this state in intense number. The wide range of tourist attractions and the diverse destination is truly make this country very beautiful and worth to explore on your any vacation.

Kerala in India is the hot spot for the honeymoon destination where not only the honeymooners from India but from the every nook and corner of the world. This beautiful destination is coveted in green and is truly the mesmerizing destination truly are very wonderful and worth to visit. The wonderful destinations which are speckled with myriad of tourist attractions truly enhance the beauty of tourism in Kerala. The natural and the man made attractions in this country easily attracts visitors and offer them the most wonderful and delightful vacation.

The rich culture and heritage, historical landmarks, colorful festivals and fairs and excellent forts and ancient temples easily lure visitors from all over the globe for their romantic vacation of honeymoon. Some of the major destinations and attractions to explore with your honeymoon tour Kerala are listed below:


Kovalam is the famous beach destination which easily entices any visitors from all over the globe. The honeymooners in Kerala visit this beautiful destination in intense number for their fun filled, romantic and easy going vacation. The beaches here are truly the most beautiful which lures the honeymooners with its sparkling white sands, pristine water and the cluster of swaying palm trees easily attracts honeymooners who come and enjoy their honeymoon very much. The beautiful hotels and the resorts here in this beach town truly offer superb wonderful stay along with the beautiful cuisines truly tempt the couples to visit these enthralling destinations again and again.


Kasargod is the must visit destination in the entire state of Kerala with any Honeymoon Places in Kerala so customized for a leading Kerala tour operator. This scenic destination is located at the northern part of the states. The beautiful beach, green sparawlling hills, captivating lakes, sapphire rivers and the splendid fort truly offer the newlywed couples a wonderful vacation which offer evergreen memories which allways linger at their heart forever.


Kumarakom is lovingly called as the scenic wonderland in this state which easily lures the newlywed couples from all over the globe for their peaceful vacation. This beautiful destinations in this state tops the list of the honeymooners. The cool climatic conditions, green lush surroundings and the largest fresh backwater easily offer the honeymooners for their amazing honeymoon.

Beside these there are many destinations which make Honeymoon Kerala the most remarkable and offer a unique experience which is very extraordinary. So, come to Kerala and enjoy the most wonderful and delightful vacation along the Mother lap of Nature.

A peek at Kerala holidays and Rajasthan tours

If you are planning to embark on a tour to India then you must choose a tour that suits your budget or can be tailored to your interests. A good tour operator will offer you many different itineraries that will suit you in all ways. Well-arranged tours will include everything and allow you to spend as much time exploring the country. 

Exploring Rajasthan 

Rajasthan is India’s largest state by area and is a major tourist attraction. Many of its cities enjoy a worldwide reputation for their uniqueness. Jaipur is known as the pink city as it was painted pink more than a hundred years ago. Its palaces are cynosure of attention. The HawaMahal designed in the shape of the crown of a Hindu god, is unique with over 900 windows that are thought to have allowed royal ladies a view of the daily life. In Udaipur, known as the city of lakes, the Lake Palace is a major attraction. The Lake Palace built in Lake Pichola is now a luxury hotel. Many of Rajasthan’s forts like the Chittorgarh Fort are among the largest in the world. The Aravalli ranges, one of the world’s oldest mountain ranges presents a contrast to the desert landscape of the state. Many places of worship dot Rajasthan and stand testimonial to the grand vision for architecture and administration that the state’s rulers had for the state. Rajasthan tour packages that allow you to sample state’s history and culture without tiring you are worth exploring. 

Kerala Holidays

The state of Kerala offers something for everyone. Natural holiday resorts nestled deep within the cradle of nature are an attraction for their natural treatments of Ayurveda. Tourists seek them for relaxation through body massages and other therapies. Modern sea side resorts along the coastline provide the sea in style. The beaches and the backwaters comprising lagoons are ideal for taking houseboat tours. Hill stations of Kerala are popular attractions. Munnar is known to be pleasant all through the year. Wayanad is another popular hill station in the Western Ghats. Kerala cuisine comprises wide ranging tastes and aromas. Coastal areas have evolved unique cuisine, mainly seafood dependent and distinct from rest of the state. 

Choosing India tour packages

The difficulty in choosing tour packages is compounded by the diversity in culture, history and landscape of the country. This uniqueness however accompanies many similarities which addsdifficulties, particularly to the first time visitor. Tour operators often squeeze too many regions in their package without taking into consideration the uniqueness and similarities of different India states. This can leave the tourist exhausted and cause him to miss the highlights of all places visited. A good India tour package operate will allow you to explore the country based on your interests and can customize your tour to suit your interest; a whirlwind tour if you choose or a more deep exploration of a region at leisurely pace.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Relaxing In Bali - Choosing A Private Villa And Spa

In fact, practically every individual wants to go on a vacation from time to time. Some people even make it a point to save money for a holiday in various parts of the world. Some of the most popular destinations include skiing resorts in the Alps, the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean, and the mesmerizing beaches of Bali.

Bali is an island in Indonesia which lies between Java and Lombok. This beautiful beach holiday destination is flocked by tourists from all over the world because of its breathtaking views and magnificent shores. As such, it is considered as the ultimate tourist destination in Asia.

Most people come to Bali for a lot of reason. Some come to this fantastic place for its beach, waves, and sun; while others come to Bali for its undying art and culture. Moreover, many come to Bali for its breathtaking landscapes and for the ultimate relaxation. Bali holds the best resorts and spas in this part of the world.

What is amazing about this beautiful island is that you can truly feel complete solitude since there are a number of amazing private villas and spas that offer the perfect vacation. In fact, some of these spas are so private that they are located in their own private island, nestled within the two arms of a meandering river. There is definitely nothing more perfect than being able to relax in such a beautiful private villa with Bali's most spectacular views in the background.

In addition, there is probably nothing more that you could ask for from the magnificent spas in Bali. Aside from the delicate architecture that pays homage to true architectural traditions of the island, you can also enjoy contemporary elements that present a novel offer to its guests.

Furthermore, you will also enjoy the finest cuisines in the island, along with a 24-hour personal butler and numerous close-to-nature relaxation areas. Indeed, nothing beats this great vacation that Bali offers.

Thus, if you are planning to go on a vacation, you should think of this beautiful island in Asia. There are definitely a lot that Bali offers. More than just the sun and the waves, Bali is indeed a haven for complete relaxation.


Wednesday, 17 July 2019

A Luxurious Stay in The Island of Phuket

If you are visiting Phuket, you should not miss out on Phang Nga Bay that will give you the rare views of gorgeous limestone formations over emerald green waters. It is beautifully situated in the marine national park and offers a lot of exciting activities. These mesmerising limestone cliffs are gravity defying and this bay is surrounded by several other larger islands as well that have accommodation facilities available. In fact this area has several nice hotels in Phuket.Two of the most famous hotspots of this bay include James Bond Island and Koh Panyee. The James Bond ISland found its way into the travel itineraries of tourists and travellers as it was used as the shooting location for The James Bond movie "The Man with the Golden Gun". It is a quite popular site among the tourists and attracts huge number of tourists as well as is covered by almost all of the Phuket tour packages.

Moreover it might be interesting to know that Koh Panyee is a nearby Muslim village with the main occupation of fishing. It is a quite remarkable village and is the primary eating spot for tourists. The whole village has a colossal rock monolith guarding its rear end while the village is built over water on stilts. Apart from this, it is a great spot to shop as it is full of vivid and colorful shops full of local handicrafts, artwork, jewellery and trinkets. Phang Nga Bay is a highly recommended place for boating and cruising. One of the main features of its waters is that it remains calm all the year round. this fact multiplies up the panoramic beauty and scenery of this place. Further for the nature lovers, this place has a good new too. It is abundant in wildlife and is famous for its "Hongs". If you are adventurer or an explorer, this might just be the best place to be. Not very long ago, several aerial surveys of the interior of Phang Nga islands have revealed the room like formations surrounded by towering limestone walls. You can try your hand at sea kayaking and paddle your way into these mysterious and long lost caves of fabulous and untread realms of untouched flora and fauna. If you are thinking about how to reach this amazing place, then you need not worry much.

If you are a beach lover, then you should head to the countless amazing beaches in and around Phuket. You can head to Kata Noi beach situated at the beachside cul-de-sac and offers mesmerising landscapes to treat your senses. If you love adventure, then try surfing in this beach, specially during the monsoon season, although swimming during this time can be dangerous. You can indulge in snorkelling here as well. Similarly you can also head to Nai Harn beach and the famous Nui beach for exciting water sports and sunbathing. All these beaches lie in close proximity to the 5 star hotels in Phuket.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Rajasthan Adventure Tours of India – ‘An offer to completely wind out yourself’

India has been a favorite destination for many people since ages to enjoy vacations. There are an end number of opportunities for each of the traveler who comes to this land of extreme frolic and fun. Adventure tours in India are quite a popular. Many globetrotters horde the thrilling places in India where they quench their thirst for sheer excitement. Indian topography makes India an ideal destination to enjoy Adventure India tours. there are treks, there are trails, ere are rivers and seas, there are exotic wildlife reserves –to cut it short, there is everything that can Indian adventure tours just a memorable trip. 

Come to India and unravel the secrets of nature by indulging yourself in unique trekking opportunities. Trekking tours in India are one of the most packaged India tours. North and north –east India is dotted with treks that are ideal for beginners as well as professional trekkers. Just put on your right shoes and embark upon a journey of thrilling experiences. 

India is a paradise for adventure seekers. One of the major attractions of adventure tour package in India is winter sports. Enjoying snowfall at the backdrop of mystic Himalayan ranges is simply mesmerizing. And if you not the one who wish to stay back in hotel room and just gear yourself up and get set go on a skiing expedition or make snowman. You can be coquettish with your spouse by throwing soft snow balls at each other. The feeling is amazing. Astonishing destinations like Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Garwahal, Kumaun, Auli are ideal to enjoy winter sports in India. 

Mountaineering is also a good opportunity when you think of Indian adventure tours. Himalayan ranges are the most preferred ranges to enjoy mountaineering expeditions among foreign and national tourists. Besides mountaineering, mountain biking is also popular among travelers who wish to challenge the cliffs and valleys. 

In addition to this, you can have a feel of heart throbbing glacier tours in India. None of the adventure enthusiast can remain untouched by the beauty of Indian Himalayan ranges as they offer panoramic view to the spectators. If mountains are not your pick, you can opt for Rajasthan safari tours in India, wildlife tours and camping tours. Needless to mention the element of fun associated with each of these tours. 

Water bodies in India are an excellent place to enjoy adventurous water sports in India. India tours give golden chance to immerse in enthusiasm of water skiing, para sailing, para gliding, diving, swimming, river rafting, white water river rafting, fishing etc. As India is pregnant with many exotic sea beaches, one can enjoy active beach sports as volley ball, basket ball and overwhelming sports like making sand castles, enjoying sunset, experiencing romance of sun-sand-and sea beach. 

Exhilarating adventure sports of India can lure anyone to explore for more. If you are the one who wish to make the most of your leisure time, come to India and enjoy mind blowing India tours. 

Friday, 12 July 2019

Incredible Tourism in North India

North India is a non-peninsular region of India. It is a set of many fascinating Indian states such as Delhi, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir. All states are known for their unique charm and attractions. The region has developed many interesting travel circuits and tourist places which attract travelers from all over the world. There are lots to do and see in this region. You will enjoy lots exploring interesting tourist places and attractions of northern region of the country. You will have varied tourism options such as cultural & heritage tourism, nature tourism, wildlife tourism, adventure tourism, hill station tourism, pilgrimage tourism and more.
There are many historical places of many great empires including Mauryas, Mughals, Guptas and British in northern India. Hence there are many magnificent monuments which mark different places of the region, reminding us of the many kingdoms that have ruled the region. When you will explore different places of the region you will come across many outstanding monuments, buildings and historical & cultural sites. Monuments like Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi; and Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, and Taj Mahal (one of Seven Wonders of the World) in Agra are brilliant examples of mughal architecture which attract travelers from all over the world. These all monuments are world heritage sites declared by UNESCO.
The magnificent Qutub Minar in Delhi built by Qutubbudin Aibak is another wonder of northern India. It is the longest brick minaret in the world and UNESCO world heritage site. Lotus Temple, Akshardham Temple, Birla Temple, President House, India Gate, Old Fort, etc are among most sought after monuments and architectural attractions in Delhi, the capital city of India.
The state of Rajasthan is globally famous its magnificent forts and palaces and some of India’s most sought after wildlife sanctuaries & national parks. Golden Fort in Jaisalmer, City Palace in Jaipur, Lake Palace in Udaipur, Junagarh Fort in Bikaner, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, Dargah Sharif in Ajmer, Dilwara Jain Temples in Mount Abu, etc are some of the most sought after attractions in Rajasthan which attract travelers. Ranthambhore National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Sam Sand Dunes are also popular attractions to see in Rajasthan on North India tour.
Jim Corbett National Park, India’s first national park is located in northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. There are also some picturesque hill stations in Uttarakhand. Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir are also popular for some picturesque hill stations. Shimla (the Queen of Hill Stations), Dharamshala, Kullu, Manali, Chamba, Dalhousie, Kasauli, etc are popular hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. Srinagar, Sonamarg, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Ladakh, etc are popular hill stations in Jammu & Kashmir.
There are also many pilgrimage places which can be visited and explored on northern India tours. Varanasi, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Pushkar, Ajmer, Jammu, Amritsar, etc are some of popular pilgrimage places of the region which attract travelers. In a nutshell, North India has lots to offer its visitors. There are many India Travel Packages available in the market to choose from. A right package 

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Easier Options to Discover The Best Hotels in Koh Samui During a Trip

With an aim to get the best hotels in your tour destination, if you want to obtain the best scopes to book these hotels then you will surely get the finest opportunities by making an online research. If you want to get the easiest solutions to meet your hotel booking needs then you will be capable of attaining the same by having proper information in this context. A great number of people are planning to go to Thailand and thus they are intending to book the best Koh Samui hotels. When you will have better ideas in this context, surely, you will be capable of meeting your intentions in a positive way. For fetching information from the secured sources, if you go online and reveal the best website then it will be of great value to you. Now, you are in the best position to grab the excellent services from the suitable solutions. Different types of opportunities become attainable to the common people nowadays for the increased scopes to them due to the development of information technology and sciences. Therefore, it is your time to get more information about the leading Koh Samui hotels from the best sources.

It is easier to assume that you will desire to get the best hotels at the most competitive rates as well. Therefore, you will have to become curious to obtain the best information from the leading sources. A great number of opportunities become easier to obtain, when people intend to obtain the same from the reliable websites that provide information about the best Koh Samui hotels. If you proceed in this way, then getting the suitable scopes for meeting your opportunities will be easier for you. Various types of opportunities will be easily attainable to you, when you will get the special solutions from the best destinations. You can grab information from the websites of different Koh Samui hotels or you may plan for choosing the best websites that provide information about different hotels in this place. Therefore, it is your time to make an online research so that you can grow as per your plan in the finest way.

There are various types of opportunities to the tourists of modern times to book the best hotels and to obtain their needed solutions from the authentic sources. You can get information about the leading Koh Samui hotels and you may get the needed services by booking that from the online sources. The reliable websites will provide you the needed information in this context and it will help you taking the needed decisions in time. By choosing the top Koh Samui hotels or the best services as per your requirements, surely, you will be capable of meeting your intentions in the finest way. If you grab these solutions and thus desire to meet your requirements then it will be the best opportunity to you to grab. Now, you can take the best decisions to meet your requirements in the finest way as well.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Attractive Places to Sightsee in Golden Triangle Tour India

India is completely filled with a lot of attractions that’s why it attracts a large number of travelers who came to visit India. Here, you must visit the North India which is visited with golden triangle tour package in India and one of the most attractive tour packages amongst the tourist. Basically, the golden triangle tour comprises the three main cities of north India which are Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. These cities are popular not only in India but also in the whole world because of their unique attractions.

Today, we are telling about the sightseeing attractions of golden triangle tour in this article that’s why you can make your summer vacation adorable. Some must visit interesting attractions are given here, such as

India gate – Golden triangle tour packages

The India Gate, one of the popular attractions of India which was constructed for the freedom fighters of Indian War I amid the great lawns enclosing it. You must visit this adorable attraction of India and enjoy the great lighting in the evening.

Red Fort – Golden triangle tour packages india

The Red Fort is also popular amongst the tourists and was prepared in the year of 1639 by a very popular Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The Red Fort was constructed because the Mughal emperor wanted to modify the capital of his empire to New Delhi. But now, it is also recognized as one of the most popular attractions of India.

Chandni Chowk – Golden triangle tours

The Chandni Chowk Market is popular amongst the travelers because of its unique and attractive things. This popular market was also prepared by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan which is located near the Jama Masjid and Red Fort. And this market is also known as the Asia’s biggest wholesale market.

Taj Mahal – Golden triangle india

This is one of the popular and as well as attractive monuments of the world which was prepared in the ancient history by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife “Begum Mumtaz”.

Jaipur – India golden triangle tour

Jaipur is known as the wonderful city of Rajasthan, the Pink City and the Capital City of Rajasthan. Because of its unique and attractive monuments, this city is more popular amongst the tourists.

Jodhpur – Golden triangle India tour

Jodhpur is the popular city of Rajasthan state and known as the Sun City of Rajasthan. It is situated close to the Jaipur city. This beautiful city is popular for Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mehrangarh Fort, and as well as its unique or mouthwatering cuisines.

Jaisalmer – Golden triangle india

It is popular as the golden City of Rajasthan state and is well known for its historical monuments like the Jaisalmer fort. It is also very popular for its camel riding and jeep safari.   

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Monuments, Bazaars and Wildlife with Rajasthan Tour Package

Rajasthan is a destination which is much more than just a holiday state. One can spend a 10-day holiday in this part of the country, one can enjoy a honeymoon, one can even tie the knot in Jodhpur or Udaipur, but one will still not be able to unravel its mysterious charm. Rajasthan holiday packages are demanded not only for their sightseeing attractions but also for the once-in-a-lifetime experience which they offer. Vibrant in mood, multi-tiered in colors and unique in almost every way possible, Rajasthan has done to tourists what Sachin Tendulkar has done to cricket. It has made people walk out of their house and plan family holidays again and again.

With a Rajasthan tour package, a tourist can gear up for some serious action. The prime city of Jaipur is the heartthrob of millions of tourists. Sprawled out luxuriously, it is a teeming rabble of humanity with cosmopolitanism to be observed in each nook and street of this city. People visit Jaipur from almost every part of the world. Head over to the iconic Hawa Mahal or the all-popular City Palace and your eyes will be filled with the sight of wheat-complexioned Europeans and Australians. When the foreign tourists sit down at their homes and plan a tour of India, the first destination they mark on their list is Rajasthan, much before Goa and Kerala, which, to be fair to them, are equally splendid.

Jaipur has a number of monuments like the Jantar Mahal, Jaigarh Fort and Amber Fort. To explore this city, one should reserve at least 3 days, though you may be able to cover it in 2 days as well if you wish to skip the less popular attractions. The Johri Bazaar itself would consume half your day if you are in the mood to do some serious shopping. For a photographer, Jaipur is a perfect muse. You can keep clicking the camera. There are a number of tourist attractions and plenty of photogenic people around.

Rajasthan tour package also adds big dollops of wildlife on your platter. The Sariska Tiger Reserve is enjoying heavy footfalls during the winter season when the weather is perfect to spend a whole day in the jungles going after tiger trails. Then there is the Ranthambore National Park which happens to be amongst the most coveted national parks in India. Though an average youth runs after the tigers, the forest is full of a number of other attractive species of animals and birds. It also has a historical and spiritual side to it. You will discover it layer by layer once you plan a visit.

Udaipur and Jodhpur are cities which are very hard to describe. Though they are replete with attractions and history, their real magic lies in their livewire ambience! While Udaipur is all about lakes and palaces, Jodhpur seems as if it has been dipped in a blue whirlpool. Known as the ‘Blue City’, it will add another veritable color to your tour. Web-based holiday organizers are game for planning Exclusive Rajasthan tour packages from Delhi. You just need to pack your trunks and tie your laces!
I am publisher of Plan Luxury Trip- A online luxury travel company offering a wide selection of the most exquisite Rajasthan tour packages from Delhi at exclusive prices. Be it travelling to mount Abu Albert, Hawa Mahal, and The City Palace of Rajasthan - the choice is yours!