Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Camping In Kasol – Parbhat Travels

KASOL is a heaven for youngsters in the district of kullu, himachal pradesh.  Kasol Is located in the end of river Parvati. Kasol is very rich in natural views, fun activities and many other things. Actually Kasol is very famous by name “Shiva’s Adda” as this place provides many much things to us which is loved by youngsters. The cool air, smell of nature, sunrise and sunset will leave you speechless at this place. The beauty of Kasol is inviting tourists and visitors to come here and find the exact meaning of your life. And day by day, we are observing a fast increment in the number of tourist visiting here. If you are getting frustrated from your daily life and want to find some piece, so Kasol is the best answer for all of your questions. Mostly people will think about those places which were near to city for a short trip purpose, so that they can easily reach there and enjoy a lot. So for those peoples Kasol is the nearest hill station or a picnic point for friends and families.

And when you are going a place like Kasol and you did not do camping, so it is not right.  There are lots of advanture you can enjoy while doing camping in Kasol. You will came here and you will live very memorable life in your whole trip. There are so many places to visit and enjoying such as Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, chalal, Tosh Village. All these places were very rich in view and natural beauty.  Also you can shop many things from here as kasol is very famous for shopping purpose also. Mainly dresses and handmade craft items were sellable in the market of Kasol. Kasol do not need any definition to describe itself. Generally people will go on a place and due to lack of guide or proper knowledge of that particular place; they have to face some issue. And Parbhat Travels is here providing you the best tour description along with a guide. Our arranged Guide will gave you all information about the places and this activity also save your time which you will waste in search of guide or place.

Kasol is having very happy culture and trans music. Beautiful and charming mountains and the sound of flowing Parvati river is making this place is perfect. Visitors will came here and capture the beauty of this place along with river, charming mountains, attracted lanes, food having restaurants and many other things. You can find anything or you can say everything in Kasol as it is providing you all of its. So now don’t sit for a second, just put up your phone and dial our numbe. For further information call us on 011- 45625898 and all the necessary detail will be given to you and after that you can easily gave a responsibility of arranging a tour for you.

So get ready because kasol is ready to welcoming you Friends…...