Friday, 23 February 2018

Khichan Bird Sanctuary – Parbhat Travels

Rajasthan is a Symbol of Royal India, culture, old heritages, food. Rajasthan is a perfect for every visitor. You were waking up in morning with the chirping sound of birds. How was your feeling at that time? Great ! Animals are only species which were always makes you calm, happy and you will forget all of your tension in just one chirp. And Khichan Village in Rajasthan is getting this blessing every year. Khichan village is placed in phalodi tehsil of jodhpur district. Kitchan village is very famous fortheir unusual habit. A habit if feeding a bird of single species – the demoiselle crane. Every year in the winter season, lots of Demoiselle Cranes were came here to escape from the harsh winters.
Mny years ago, in 1970 local residents of Khichan village were start to feed the birds and local pigeons. Many peoples were motivated with this work and they also join the villagers. After that Khichan Bird Sanctuary is a living example of their efforts. You know every year, thousands of cranes were flock and came here from other countries like, North China and Mongolia. It is only 150km far away from jodhpur and it takes around 3-4 hours to reach here. If you want to see these amazing view, so you have to visit here from August to Mid of March. Anyone can visit here whether he is photographer, nature lover, bird lover or just want to see this seen.

As the winter season starts, the silence will change into the beautiful chirping sound of Birds. You know that this village is acclaimed the international recognition recently when it got featured in a leading birding magazine. From August to March, many visitors, tourist came here only to see the wild Birds and to listening the chirping sound of them. As the weather of this place is very hot in the winter season according to Other foreign cities, so that they are flock here every year in a large quantity. Small pools of water and wetlands, tucked behind undulating plains, are a lifeline for animals and birds. This natural sanctuary serves as home to three types of birds called Kurjan, Karkara and Kunch that migrate from South West Europe, Black Sea region, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, North and South Africa. While visiting Bird Sanctuary, if you were get a feeling of tiredness, so book Kujra resort for your staying. This is the best resort for relaxing yourself and enjoying in a weekend.
So we are given you all required details and knowledge about the Khichan Bird Santuary and now it is a time to Visit this Amazing place and take enjoyment of adventurous activities here. If you want any help or just want to book Your next trip in Rajasthan, So call Parbhat Helpline Number 011-45625898 and we will stand in front of you for your help.


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