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Friday, 16 March 2018

Book Your Memorable Manali Adventure Tour Package with Parbhat Travels

Have you sometime think about your life in the city? How adventure-less and boring it is. You all are going in a same office, doing same activities and having a same feeling for all the days. Did you never thought about a long trip or tour after your weekend? Or plan a short trip with your friends, family and lover? 

Well, the all above questions were describes you about your personality and your perception regarding the trips and enjoyment of your life. Well we all love to do adventure and having in our life, but sometimes situations does not allow us. But beside all these factors, we have a mind blowing Tour Package of manali, in Himachal Pradesh. This place is already considered as “HEAVEN ON EARTH” by so many travelers or visitors. Every year lots of tourist will came here and also many honeymooners were gave this place a tag of “best honeymooner spot” in the manali.
Manali is like a point where you can get relax and have enjoy your life. This place is having a lots of adventures for all type of peoples, who just want to leave their life. There are a list of some of the activities which you can do in Manali trip:
Paragliding: Paragliding is an activity which is perform in the air where you have tied with an Parashoot and a guide is also hanging with you and then you will roam in the whole sky with that parashoot. This was an amazing experience as well as so much thrill is in this.
Trekking: Trekking is a simply waling on a mountains and on non-clear road. You can take so much fun during your trekking to a particular destination.
River Rafting: River rafting is the most exploring and fun taking activity. People with a big heart will perform this adventure. In these all activities, once you will thrown from a very high position in to the water.
Camping: Camping is so simple and something different task for all people who came here to explore. Camping means you will leave on a place where no facilities will be given to you and you have to do all the arrangements by your ownself.
Skking: Skking is a task of playing in the snow while the whole surrounding is covered with lots of ice.
All the above mentioned activities were done in Manali with our package. We gave the whole package of Manali including all breathtaking adventures. You can go for a trekking with your friends and loved once. Children were love to do trekking  here. Well these were only some adventure we disclose from our list of adventures. If you want to know about all the adventures, so you first browse us and then make us a call to Parbhat Travels number 011-45625898. Now we can share all the details with you about your trip to Manali. Ultimately, Parbhat Travels is giving you Manali Adventure Tour Package for you to explore and have fun in the best and beautiful city named Manali

Monday, 12 March 2018

Jim Corbett National Park Tour Package – Parbhat Travels

India is a country of beautiful places, colors, nature, environment, respect, feelings and all the expressive terms. India has everything which you want that is the reason India called “Incredible India”. There are so many places where you can visit and in those places temples, Zoo, parks forts were included where you can fully enjoy yourself. And JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK is one of these beautiful places. This national park is so much popular within and outside India. The main point of attraction is Bengal Tiger here. Tourist and visitors came here from so far only to optimize and capture the beauty and grace of this national park. 

Parbhat Travels is the most experienced and adventure provider Travel Company, which provides the best Jim Corbett package to in very affordable Price. As you are planning your adventurous trip with us, we are assuring you that we will not leave you for feel you bore on a single moment. There are lots of Things which you can see and explore in the park. This park is located in the land of god or “Devbhoomi” Uttrakhand. This whole national park is acquiring around 250 sq. kilometer of area and displaying an ultra-awesome view.

If you want to visit national park and want to do some extra adventures activities, so also national park is the perfect match for you. You can do so much activities here such as river rafting, climbing, trekking, bungee jumping, skydiving and lots of many other activities with them you will feel your enjoyment. The flora, fauna, fast river, dark and heavy forest is the best attraction of Jim Corbett national park. You will shock that if you start your trip to visit this park, you will not complete it by end of the day. So it is better that you should come to this trip with your family or friends for a long and mid weekend. There is a museum near to the national park is very popular as you will get the same stuff which you can see in the Real national Park.
The jim Corbett national park is so big and explored for anyone. It is very hard to see all the places in the park and on some places you were not allowed to enter or go as they are one of the darkest and deepest part of the national park. There are more than 490 species of plants and a huge variety of fauna is founded in the national park due to which more than 70,000 visitors were came here every year. There are some places or activities which were in or near the national park such as:
  Ø  Dhikala
  Ø  Jeep Safari  
  Ø  Treks
  Ø  Kalagarh Dam 
  Ø  Garjiya Devi Temple
These are some of the information about the destination “JIM CORBET NATIONAL PARK” where you were planning to visit. Now just make a call to Parbhat Travels and Our executives final the package with you and take you to the best and adventurous tour of your life till now.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Bangkok Tour Package – Parbhat Travels

So friends, How are spending your weekend? Do you make any plan for exploring out of your city or just searching for a better option? If you are still searching, so Parbhat Travels is giving you the best opportunity for getting so much fun and thrill whiles your tour to Bangkok. Yes peeps, Bangkok is the most famous city of Thailand with a variety of attractions and places to visit. This city is very much famous for its pristine beaches, tropical climate, fascinating culture and many more extra from your expectations. What is better than a tour of Thailand, where you can get many things to observe and explore? 

There are very few destinations in our world which is suitable for all age groups – young and old. And Bangkok of Thailand is one of these few and amazing destinations. With the time passes, there is a huge increment in the number of visitors and tourist, who came here to explore more things. Mostly these days, this place is taking your attraction for its honeymoon purpose as this place is very much perfect for spending some peaceful time with your better half. There are many rushed markets which gives very much things to you and some of these famous markets were  Taling Chan, Amphawa, Bang Khu Wiang, Bang Nam Pheung and Tha Kha, among others. You can opt any tour package from parbhat travels for Bangkok according to your needs. If you want to enjoy with your family, you can take Bangkok Family Package and if you want to explore with your love so your take Adventurous Tour Package. The beautiful capital of Thailand is also known as the ‘Venice of the East’. There are so many things such as river, green lands, temples and many other beautiful landmarks. In the Thailand city the world’s beautiful and very famous Buddha temple is situated here with the name of Wat Kalayanamit. There are so many other Temples where buddha is getting the first preferences. Besides Buddha temples, there are so many others places which grab your attention and make you feel blessed to came here with your group, partner, family. Some of those attractions were Grand Palace, Jim Thompson’s House, Chinatown, Chao Phraya River and Khao San Road. 

Now all things were clear to you about the tour, so we should follow the further process of booking your trip with Parbhat Travels. We are providing you the best facilities to you on your tour and make you remind us with our amazing treatment.  You will surely get an better treatment from our executives during your tour and our guide will explain you about every place or things during your trip. You can also get some amazing discount from us if you include some add-ons in your package. So just get up, browse to our plans and get choose your next plans with us. After that your satisfaction is our priority and we will make you feel so much happy on this trip.