Tuesday 24 April 2018

Koh Samui Tour Package - Samui Island is the Best for Travel Lovers

Travelling is an art, which gives us a lot of things in our life such as happiness, knowledge, courage and many other things. People love to travel from places to places. There is very few chances that someone does not love to travel and rest will surely go for enjoy in just one time. For people who love to visit, there are so many places where they can enjoy a lot and also get some information. And you know friends Koh Samui is Stand on the Number one position for tourist purpose in all over Thailand. This place is situated in the Thailand and offering an amazing and best view for your vacations. Tourist came here from different places only to see the beauty and nature of this place.      
There are so many things which you don’t know about the Koh Samui Island and when you are planning to visit here, so its our duty to disclose all these things which make this place so much special and extra ordinary. And these things were such as:

* Koh Samui is considered as the Third Largent Island in Thailand.
      * In 1687,the Island was appears on Chinese Map for the first Time with the name of Pulo Cornam.

* The Most busiest and crowded area of Koh Samui is Chaweng.
* The most important factor of Economy of Koh Samui is Its Tourist. Or You can say that the economy of Koh Samui is based on Tourism.
* Samui Regatta is the most interesting Event hosted in Koh Samui every year.
6    * Martial Art is the main Attraction of this Island.* Four Most Beautiful and Heart taking waterfalls are here with names:

·         Namuang  1
·         Namuang  2
·         Hin Lad
·         Khun Si

These are some of the details about the Island Koh Samui which is very private as not so many people will know about these facts. Besides these places is perfect for your summer vacation with your family, with your lover or with your friends. You can explore the best part of Thailand and enjoy a lot in the Island. You can enjoy here the beach fun, games and pool party, night dance, moon party and so many other activities which gives you an amazing experience and happiness.

So after providing you all the details about Koh Samui island, Parbhat Travels is eagerly waiting for you to Book Our Koh Samui Tour Package and spend your vacation with so much fun and memories. If there is anything left unclear in your mind, so let us know about it. Just manage to call Us on Our helpline Number 011 - 45625898 and our team of Parbhat Travels is here ready to help you in your trouble. After resolving your issue, we are expecting from you that you will book an amazing tour with us. So keep going on different places, meeting new people, exploring new things and enjoy all the precious day of your Life.


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