Monday, 11 February 2019

Krabi, Thailand Destinations to Add to Your Krabi Tour Package

Krabi, a town in southern Thailand on the western coast, is known for its stunning beauty, endless beaches and famous natural and manmade attractions. While often clubbed with Phuket in Thailand tour packages, the vibe of this town is much more laid back and relaxed. However, this does not mean that the only thing to do here is laze on the beach and watches the waves lapping at the shore (unless that's all you want to do, which is fine). Read on to know about some of the great experiences and activities Krabi holds in store for tourists and travelers alike:
Explore Hong Island:
Hong means 'room' and this island gets its name from its hollowed out shape. To reach there, you can rent a long boat and enjoy a serene ride before you explore the Hong which is located in the middle of the island walled by limestone rocks.
Visit the Tiger Cave Temple:
Climb up 1200 steps to witness one of the most spectacular views in the country from the hilltop that is home to the Tiger Cave Temple. It's a great place to gather your thoughts and cherish the beauty of nature. You could even strike up a conversation with any of the monks living close by.
Climb rocks at Railey:
Limestone cliffs and sandy beaches make Railey one of the best beaches in Thailand. It even includes the famed Princess Cave beach which is a must visit. Laze on this beautiful beach for a while before you attempt a serious rock-climbing session up the limestone cliffs.
Go Scuba Diving and Snorkeling:
You cannot shy from water sports in Thailand and Krabi is no different. The area around Phi Phi Islands is especially wonderful to truly explore the underwater beauty of Krabi. Delight in the sight of bright tropical fish and amazing marine fauna as you spend a fun day scuba-diving or snorkeling.
Trek the jungles:
Trails such as Khao Phanim Bencha and Pra Bang Khram are especially great for treks and hikes. Spot the indigenous wildlife as you make your way through dense forests, your adrenaline pumping in full swing.
Ride an elephant:
The elephant camps in Krabi are quite famous and you cannot leave the place without having experienced a memorable elephant ride through the forest. Being in harmony with nature will never have felt as real as when you're trundling through the jungle canopy on the backs of one of these gentle giants.
As you can see, Krabi is a treasure trove of amazing experiences just waiting to be had. So make sure to include this wonderful destination when you book international Krabi tour packages to Thailand and get ready to have the time of your life.


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