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Phuket Holiday Packages - How To spend you’re Day Off

Phuket holiday packages (and we know that there are many to pick from) usually offer tourists customized packages of island hopping, tourist hot spot visits, and the run-of-the-mill cultural show here and there. Oh, and do not forget the customary stop at one of those tourist souvenir retailers that have a “relationship” with the tour operators (the tour operators get a commission from the sales).

As a 1st-time tourist to Phuket Island, any pick from the widely accessible Phuket holiday packages tours would do well to cover the must-see attractions that the famous island has to offer. However, as most tourists recognize, getting to know an area on your own at your own pace is how you would actually get to appreciate the native lifestyle. So once you're done with your Phuket island tour, at the terribly least, leave a day for yourself to savour the non- customized aspects of Phuket Island. Here's what we would suggest you do (tip: have a good pair of walking shoes on you):

Start your morning off by taking a leisurely barefooted walk in the sand along Patong beach. The combination of the cool sea-water lapping at your feet and the cool breeze can work wonders to wake your soul and prepare your appetite for breakfast. Since you have presumably tried your hotel's breakfast spread over the past few days, you'll be fortunate today to be able to sample what the locals have for breakfast.

Throughout the day, you will very often see entrepreneurial native Thais plying the streets balancing 2 baskets of products using a bamboo rod over their shoulders. Some may push carts depending on their goods. What they carry is typically the true local delicacies that the locals eat. Not those found at the flowery commercialized restaurants. Therefore endeavor stopping some of these sellers to sample what they can offer you for your breakfast. Try the ancient Chakoi (a light and crispy mostly flour-based pastry fried in oil) or their varied Khao Neow based Khanom (mostly glutinous rice based dumplings with various toppings).

As the day's temperature warms up, and as additional shops open for business, take a walk along the streets inside the Patong beach commercial district (try Bangla Road) to purchase some souvenirs or gifts (here's a tip: be the first client of the day to a local store for discounts. The locals believe that the first client brings in luck for higher sales later in the day).

Close to lunch time (or when you're feeling that you are ready to tuck into some extremely delectable food) head over along the promenade to the Patong Municipality Food Court along the seaside-facing Thanon Taweewpong (Taweewpong Road). Do not let the tiny stalls at the food court deceive you. They've been there for years and they have been accountable for many cases of weight gain!!

Even though international dishes are available, you'll be able to get those from home. Instead, go for the native dishes. Preferably local seafood dishes. Despite rice being the staple diet for the locals which is taken with accompanying dishes, it's perfectly acceptable to only have the accompanying dishes on their own. Also to note, the cost of food at this food court will typically win over those of the more glamorous and upscale restaurants catered for tourists, therefore your money will stretch longer here (and so too will your waist-band).
After a hearty lunch, when the temperature additionally heats up, there's really nothing that beats a short (or long) siesta. And from the food court, you're just some steps off from the ideal siesta spot. Merely beside the food court, you may find an open grassy field that is scattered with the occasional coconut tree and different shady palms. This area is a perfect spot to take your siesta on straw mats that are accessible for rent. Simply lay flat on the mat and let the tender sea-breeze lull you to sleep. Heavenly!!

Once you've awaken later within the afternoon, watch for a brand new batch of locals to run by to supply you their afternoon snacks to attempt. The locals invariably seem to own some special and befitting food to offer you based on the time of the day! It's pretty amazing.
When the hot afternoon sun has lost its fangs, here's your chance to take to the waters and sample the many water-sports you'll find. Do try-out the boat-towed parasailing. It'll offer you among the best views of Patong Beach you may get. Jet-skiing is also another fashionable activity among the beach goers.

By the time your water-sport activities are over, most dinner stalls would already be prepared to serve you. A stroll along the main Thanon Ratuthit Songroipi (Ratuthit Songroipi Road) can reveal many walkway stalls that offer an exquisite array of local food that will equally match what you had for lunch. Beware of weight gain once more.

To end your leisurely day, just pop into any of the many foot reflexology massage parlours for an hour-long session. You will be fully amazed at how the well trained masseurs will soothe the soreness in your feet and legs from all the day's walking. You may leave the massage parlour with a tingling sensation in your feet as you head back to your accommodation for a well-deserved night's sleep.

If you think the night is still young, and if you are in the mood for night life, head down once again to Bangla Road. You will be a little stunned though at how much it's altered since you were there earlier in the morning. The atmosphere along Bangla road is “very festive” to put it mildly.

To summaries this “day-activity-guide”, while most Phuket tour package will enable you to tell your friends and relatives that you've “been there, done that “Science Articles, simply do not forget to experience the native Phuket experience on your “off-day”. You will very likely adore it!


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