Friday, 5 April 2019

Your Private Vacation In One Of The Top Phuket Villas

Everyone who visits Thailand for vacation should take out some time to visit Phuket. Located about 862 km to the south of Bangkok, the capital, Phuket is a place for nature and peace lovers. The glitz and blitz here is much lesser compared to Bangkok but if you want to de-stress your mind and body, nothing beats Phuket. Opt for a beach house rental at Phuket and you can further enhance the pleasure of Phuket vacation. There are some superbly done Phuket villas that you can consider for your accommodation and you will be absolutely delighted with your experience.

Because Phuket is one of the hottest vacation destinations in Thailand, there is no lack of hotels here. Most of the top hotel chains in the world have their presence in Phuket. The city remains filled with vacationers almost throughout the year and hence, the hotels have no issues with filling up their rooms. It is almost a given decision for most that they would book their stay in a hotel. But before you also do that, take a pause and think – why not consider one of the top Phuket villas?

However, you should consider a beach house rental only when you have a large group of seven or eight people. Otherwise, renting a villa may not make sense from the cost perspective (it does compared to the most expensive hotels in Phuket). Rent a villa and you can have your private party in Phuket with your group because each and every villa is properly separated from the other villas and there is a sense of seclusion that you get in these villas. For group of seven or eight, you can choose one of the large Phuket villas with four bedrooms and the cost is really low compared to even some of the budget hotels.

We have been talking about the cost element here, but there are many other reasons for you to consider the top Phuket villas. First of all, these villas are located on the beach and you can get a splendid view of the ocean and the horizon from every room. These villas offer the most unadulterated view of the blue sky and the water and you will feel that sense of calmness spreading inside you. With such beach house rental, you also get all the modern amenities built inside – the bedrooms have the most comfortable sleeping arrangements and the kitchen is among the best you will ever come across. You also get to take advantage of the gym and the swimming pool. There are patches of green where the kids can play. All in all, with beach house rental, you will enjoy a private vacation at less than the cost of a hotel.

Beach house rental in Phuket is popular even though many tourists head to the hotels here. Hence, if you want to book one of the top Phuket villas, it is always recommended that you book your stay before you leave for Thailand. The experience will be magical – that’s for sure.

Beach house rental is one option in Phuket that you will love. There are some magnificent Phuket villas that are right on the beach and let you enjoy a private vacation.


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