Friday, 3 May 2019

Adventure in Wildlife Sanctuaries of India

Wildlife sanctuaries in India, you can have a good time enjoying trekking in the wildlife reserves. Beginners or professionals, the challenges of the treks depend upon your level and confidence while you opt for trekking. There are equipments provided to make your trekking venture a success story.

There are many tour operators that organized camping tours in the Indian wildlife sanctuaries. These camps are quite exciting as you always are looked upon by the wild beasts. And what if suddenly one comes into your direct contact? Oh! Don’t you worry… the camps are absolutely safe and every measure is taken to make your camping an affair of luxury and comfort.

There are some wildlife reserves that been gifted with natural lakes while others have manmade also. Artificial or man-made, the lakes are extremely beautiful to see. Simply sitting on the verge with your feet soaked in lake waters or trying hands at fishing… both are worthwhile.

If fishing is not enough, you can also try angling in wildlife sanctuaries of India. There are many chances that you will be taken over by the charm of angling at these destinations.

Jeep Safaris

It happens to be the most enjoyable form of safaris in India because it is safe, it is fast and it is exciting. Jeeps are used to traverse through otherwise difficult tracks in jingle. Jeep safaris in India can be enjoyed at Corbett National Park, Gir National Park and Dhudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh.

Elephant Safaris

These are most adventurous safaris for travelers who wish to discover the forests of northeast India. Kaziranga National Park, Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks, Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal and Manas Tiger Reserve are ideal for elephant safaris in India.

Lion Safaris

True to its name, lion safaris are best if you wish to have a close look into natural habitat of this wild beast. Gir National Park famous for Asiatic lions is the famous place for lion safaris in India.

Tiger Safaris

It is the greatest charm for wildlife enthusiasts. Ranthambore, Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Corbett, Kaziranga and Sariska can provide you the best opportunity to see tigers in the wild.

Camel Safaris

Known as the ship of the desert for its speed, camel safaris are truly fantastic. Camel safari sites of India are around Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan, and Sariska wildlife sanctuary, Ranthambore National Park and The Wild Ass Sanctuary, Gujarat.

Cycle Rides

Riding a bicycle and exploring the terrains of jungle is a fun in itself. Moreover it promotes eco tourism in India. So why not try cycling?

Nature Walks

Walking hands in hands with your spouse, you in company of your family and friends amidst natural bounties will heal you and rejuvenate you.

Bird Watching

Bird Watchers can have a good time enjoying the welcoming sweet notes from various species of birds – local pleasures and migratory ones. Enjoy bird watching at Khichan Bird Sanctuary.


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