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Relax and Unwind at the Serene Beaches of Koh Samet in Thailand

Koh Samet in Thailand is a pretty island in the Rayong Province. There are 14 excellent beaches in this island and being close to Bangkok, families spend most weekends in this beautiful island. However, today, the island beaches are frequented by international tourists together with backpackers and families who have a relaxed time at the luxurious beach resorts.
An Island to Relax
International tourists are particularly attracted to Koh Samet because of its relaxed environment. Visitors will not be hassled by heavy traffic snarls or overcrowded beaches; that is why the island is ideal for unwinding in one of the resorts or the immaculate beaches. ‘Hat Sai Kaew also called the ‘Diamond Beach’ has white sand which stretches for 780 meters. This longest and popular beach has numerous beach-side restaurants and bars and also some high-end resorts. Activities such as jet skiing, windsurfing or snorkeling are popular. Ao Vong Duan, a crescent-moon shaped beach extends for 500 meters. Foreigners are seen more than Thai tourists. Most of the beaches are to the north-east and eastern parts of Koh Samet while to the south, there are fewer beaches.
Activities and Attractions at Koh Samet
Your holiday at Koh Samet in Thailand can be adventurous if you are engaged in some exciting water sports. Some tourists head for the stunning coral reef for snorkeling and diving. Along with this you can also go fishing and windsurfing. Hire a motorboat and a driver and take a trip around this serene island or visit the neighboring islands such as Kruai, Plai Tin and Kham och Kudi. The statue of a mermaid can be seen on the Diamond Beach about which the 18th century Thai poet, Sunthorn Phu has written a poem. There is a popular health center at the Ao Prao beach which conducts courses in yoga, dance, painting and meditation. There is hardly any active nightlife in Koh Samet which since 1981 has been considered to be the national park. However, some cozy bars can be seen at Ao Pai and Hat Sai Kaow. Fire juggling is a fire show you should not miss at Hat Sai Kaow.
Places to Stay
Koh Samet in Thailand, although a quiet island, offers the tourists affordable luxury accommodation at stunning locations. Skip the backpacker cheap lodges for the luxury resorts. ‘Samed Grand View Resort’ on Sai Kaow is a great place to stay. You can choose between a stand-alone chalet and a traditional room. The resort has all the luxury amenities you need. Another great resort is the ‘Samed Club’ where bungalows with garden or beach views are available. ‘Le Blanc Samed Resort’ is extremely beautiful and adjacent to thick forests.

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